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We look forward to serving you in 2015 with exceptional pricing, quality and free shipping on all ink and toner products.

Since our humble beginnings in 1994, integrity has been the foundation of our business at On The Mark, Inc., parent company to MotherEarthRecycling.com and we have grown to become a trusted source of supply because of our knowledge of ink and how various types perform, as well as our ability to advocate ink solutions.

As direct mail companies struggle to survive in an ever changing digital world and an uncertain postal environment, one thing is certain - We will remain here to partner with and help our customers with their initiatives by offering personalized service and by providing high quality, lower cost, compatible, industrial ink options for high-speed industrial inkjet ink systems utilizing HP Thermal Inkjet Technology. To compliment this facet of our business, we additionally provide compatible imaging supplies, or toner cartridges, for office use.

We are pleased to provide FREE SHIPPING from multiple distribution points throughout the USA. Most orders reach their destinations in 2 to 3 business days.

Ask about our empties buy-back program.

We are pleased to offer FREE samples for many of our addressing inks.

Please call us for any quotation on volume discounted pricing. We are pleased to offer some of the most competitive, volume pricing available for direct mail addressing cartridges and ink supplies, without sacrifice to reliability and quality. Furthermore, our compatible cartridges offer a 99.9% success rate.

Direct mail addressing ink cartridges used to print addresses and a barcode on envelopes or cards; case coding and marking ink; as well as each print cartridge we distribute is manufactured in a ISO 9001 and STMC Certified factory that follows only the strictest guidelines to insure optimum quality, reliability and performance.

Supplier choice is based on research and development abilities, quality control, fulfillment capability, sustainability, and commitment to environmental concerns - from how operations are run to manufacturing procedures. We try to encourage companies to go green by purchasing recycled products. One of our missions is to try to divert non biodegradable plastic cores from landfills and incorporate them into the manufacturing process. It can take up to one gallon of petroleum to manufacture a toner core and up to two ounces of petroleum to manufacture a single, palm held, inkjet core. Reusing plastic cores helps save energy, reduces our reliance on petroleum, reduces pollution and saves millions of tax dollars that might otherwise be spent on landfill management to contain millions, upon millions, of empty ink & toner cartridges. Other, environmentally friendly, operational activities some of our suppliers engage in include: using water-based inkjet ink, ,using soy based toner, utilizing reverse osmosis water filtration systems to clean cores, using recycled paper, boxes and packaging materials, and utilizing recycled pallets to move products. When seeking out  US suppliers, we only seek those that abide by "The Fair Labor Standards Act". (We rely on state and federal regulators to make certain our suppliers abide by this act).

Some individuals are under the false impression that utilizing compatible ink and toner cartridges will void their equipment warranty. Any OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) who imposes a requirement to use only their supplies is in violation of The Sherman & Clayton Antitrust Act, as well as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act.  (If a service technician ever informs you that you must purchase OEM cartridges, ask them to put it in writing. They won't because they would be in violation of the law). Where applicable, our toner cartridges feature a new, longer life, drum. None of our toner cartridges are "recycled" - where previously used drums are, merely, refilled with toner and where the quality of the print cartridge may be less desirable. Additionally, the ink & toner in every print cartridge is new. Never is toner or inkjet ink reused.

All OEM Brand Names, Codes and Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. We are not affiliated with any OEM. OEM names and codes are for identification purposes only. Unauthorized use of Mother Earth Recycling's name, images, logos and trademarks is in violation of US copyright law.

Mother Earth Recycling is an equal opportunity employer who invites companies to go green and creates green jobs without discrimination or regard to race, sex, sexual preference, color, religion or national origin. In choosing suppliers we seek those that have the same core values and have chosen to go green. We ONLY conduct business within the continental US and we provide free shipping on all orders.

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