Kao Collins Max3 Black Aqueous Ink

* Compatible Kao Collins Max3 Black Aqueous Ink, TWK1396 Cartridge * Our version of the popular Kao Collins Max3 black ink, TWK1396, IQ2392A, Q2344A, Q2344PB but also replaces: HP2560, Q2392A, IQ2392A, Clover MRH08A, Coast to Coast Diamond Series, Eclipse ECI-51645 Max Aqueous Black ink and ECI 51645Max/R Prime Aqueous Black Max ink * This ink cartridge provides excellent decap performance compared to most fast drying inks for porous, coated and aqueous stock. Unlike the Kao Collins ink which is water and solvent based, our ink is dye and pigment based. On most media, no difference should be detectable, however, if you think you may require a solvent based ink, we offer one in our compatible Collins Max 2 solvent based aqueous ink, and soon to be released enhanced Collins Max 2 solvent ink for UV coated stock. Just ask for free samples of BOTH to test. * Superior image density, fast dry time and smear resistant on a variety of media * This ink formulation provides for reliability with a 99.9% success rate and will perform on many stocks without an in-line dryer * Quality print at a variety of speeds and resolution settings on mail equipment manufactured by Kirk Rudy for a W'Inkjet and Netjet, MCS, a Rena Imager III and Videojet Technologies. * Made in America * Each cartridge comes with a plastic clip and is sealed in a plastic bag * Free FedEx Ground * US SALES ONLY * Tagged Aqueous Prime Black - Q2344PB * Special volume pricing on (50) ink cartridges * To clean these cartridge print heads, we suggest isopropryl alcohol 70% and a lint free cloth * The following machine settings are suggested: Fire Pulse Length 2.2 and/or Drive Pulse Width - 2.2 microseconds, Drive Frequency - up to 12 KHz, Pen Drive Voltage 10.6, Pulse Warming Set Temperature 40C, Print Resolution up to 600 dpi

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