Kao Collins Complete, H Ink Cartridge

* Compatible Kao Collins Complete, H Ink Cartridge * Why use one cartridge for porous and another for coated when this cartridge can do both tasks * Like an original, this compatible Kao Collins Complete ink cartridge or Kao Collins Complete H ink cartridge is pigment and dye based and offers a luxurious, rich and dark print over a standard HP C8842A cartridge which might appear more translucent * 99.9% success rate * A fast dry time is offered on porous, matte and lightly coated stocks without an in-line dryer. Dries very quickly with a dryer * This is the preferred ink for Kirk Rudy W'Inkjet and Netjet, MCS, Rena and Videojet Technologies mail addressing equipment * Not intended for Buskro equipment. Please see "Buskro Inkjet Addressing - Versatile Ink" * Superior decap performance * Excellent image density, smear resistance, quality print * Replaces Kao Collins Complete and Complete H ink, MRH09A ink, TWK1818H ink, FlexPrint EB ink * 1 year warranty * Made in America * Free UPS Ground * US SALES ONLY * Tagged Hybrid Black * Each cartridge comes with a plastic clip and is sealed in a plastic bag * To clean the cartridge print head, we suggest isopropyl alcohol 70% and a lint free cloth * Also available in compatible, 405ml, HPc6119a ink bladder systems * Inquire for quantity pricing

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