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Best Printer Inks to Buy in 2022

The best printer inks are invariable and bought from the printer manufacturer itself. However, since they are substantially expensive, many other third-party companies also offer the best range of products when it comes to ink cartridges for inkjet printers.

The most affordable printers in the world run only on two cartridges – the one that holds the black pigment (K) and the other that holds the tri-color pigments of cyan, magenta, and yellow (CMY). Having these sets of excellent quality can be beneficial in printing high-quality documents and photos.

Most inkjet printers run on pigment-based inks, which produce standard-quality images and texts for general use. However, dye-based ink printers are also available in the market, which are used for premium print purposes by big companies and commercial use.

If you’re looking for the best printer inks in 2022, here are a few options to consider:

Canon PG-260/CL-261

It is one of the best for canon printers which basically has two cartridges and provides four ink spaces. It has a combination of pigment and dye ink in two separate cartridges. The price range is relatively inexpensive compared to other two-cartridge system inks in the market. However, there are better options than this if you want great ink options to print photos.

HP 65/ HP 304

If you’re looking for options for inks to print occasionally, this 2 –cartridge ink system for HP printers is a great option. They are compact and lightweight. However, even they are on the expensive side of the market. These links are also available in the largest XL size but are expensive.

Epson 277 Xlaria Photo HD

This product is called Epson 24 Elephant in Europe and is used primarily in Epson printers. It is a tremendous multifunctional, 6-dye-based ink, which adds light cyan and magenta colors to the regular CYMK. Since they have a diverse range of color options, they are unsuitable for printing essential mono documents. However, although their packaging looks compact, they surprisingly last for longer durations and are recommended to print photos and other prints of color.

Epson T512 EcoTank

Epson T512 EcoTank

These inks are used in multifunctional Epson printers, which have a slightly different mechanism for ink delivery. The printers are sold with high-capacity ink bottles poured into eco tanks. The printers are generally sold with two sets of bottles – 140ml of black and 70ml of each of the CYM colors- sufficient to print 14,000 mono documents and approximately 3,500 photos.


It is one of the best ink cartridges with ten individual ink options. It provides excellent options for both colored prints and black and white options, especially on matte photo paper. They are also robust, and the prints’ color does not fade quickly.

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